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CorianNY is working with respected contractors in the industry, "Brooklyn WoodWorks"

Corian counters have some truly unique features. A lot of people don’t know about those features. Some are subtle benefits. Some others offer more desirable elements of design. 

Edges, Backsplashes, Sinks & Seams

Corian edge styles suit most bath and kitchen design ideas. These are possible with DuPont Corian countertops. In most cases, the seams of a laminated edge will be invisible as well. You can typically see these seams when it comes to granite surfaces.

Available today in more than 120 colors

Dupont invented the solid surface industry over 50 years ago when it introduced Corian® to the world. Corian® is a non-porous material that is very durable and it always outlasts its environment. Corian® is a versatile material. It is guaranteed by Dupont for 10 years but lasting a lifetime. Corian is favored worldwide by architects, designers and individuals for a diverse range of applications.

A thick edge profile to simulate a huge block countertop but creating elaborate designs is easily accomplished with a laminated edge. When it comes to edges, it is very possible to create a bullnose edge or a fancy Spanish style. Call us to find out about Corian solid surface applications.

When it’s vibrant color you want, then

Corian® has to be your first choice!

Corian® is a 100% acrylic product that is the perfect medium for unique and beautiful designs. It is the ideal surface for kitchen countertops and bathroom vanities. It makes easy to clean bath and shower surrounds. When integrated with Corian® sinks and coved backsplash the entire countertop appears to flow seamlessly. It feels like single piece through the entire kitchen or bath. Every solid surface countertop can be customized with a wide variety of edge profiles. When you see it implemented you will know that Corian has to be your first choice.


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